Learn how to use exposure to achieve the many creative effects possible with today's modern DSLR's. Make waterfalls look silky smooth, turn water into fog, freeze a humming birds wings, or show motion by blurring the background. Make your subject look tack sharp by throwing the background out of focus with proper exposure settings.

Get that beautiful bokeh that is so elusive. Learn how to balance the interaction between ISO, Aperture, Shutter Speed, EV, and lense focal length to achieve the desired image effect. You will learn the pro secrets to enable you to achieve those images you always dreamed about capturing, but didn't know how. This two hour class includes the Excel based exposure calculator. Contact us for the Date and Time of the next class.

Learn how to control depth of field using focal length, subject distance, and aperture to make your subject SNAP against a beautifully blurred background. The interaction of these variables is complex, but the included Excel based Depth of Field Calculator shows you graphically how they interact. Learn what hyperfocal distance is, and how to use it.

Learn how lense focal length affects perspective, and what lense to use for different effects. Understand how to focus and compose the shot when you capture it, and to correctly crop the photo in your image editor. We will teach you when to use focus lock, and exposure lock, and when exposure compensation, and bracketing will be of benefit. This two hour class includes the Excel based DOF calculator. Contact us for the Date and Time of the next class.

This 4 hour workshop, at the Wild Animal Park, builds on the previous classes and shows you how to apply those concepts to achieve pro level animal images. Animal photography is complex and challenging. You will learn how to "read" the animal and predict when to snap the shutter to capture that special moment. We teach you how to set up your camera for each shooting situation depending upon the light, background, and the desired result. You will learn where to position yourself for the best image.

Learn how shoot thru fences as though they are not there, and shoot thru glass without reflections. Learn how filters, polarizers, and other accessories can be used to enhance your images. You need: DSLR and a telephoto lense, zoom preferred; 70 - 200 mm is ideal. Contact us for the Date and Time of the next class.

4 students only per class.